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First Annual SICBYRD Hole Brothers' BroDown

I wrote this article back in August, but had trouble posting photos and forgot I never posted it. So here it is without photos, but with a couple shrEDITS... Enjoy.



Just a few weeks ago SICBYRD hosted it's first event, The First (Hopefully Annual)Hole Brothers' BroDown! Even with the low water levels on the Black River, it turned out to be a huge success. We had 18 paddlers come out to compete for a nice cash prize and a variety of other prizes donated by Mountain Man Outdoor Supply Company.

To get this straight this is not your daddy's rodeo. They say rodeo is dead. Well, we're trying to change the game. Modern freestyle competitions have a set scoring system, set time on the surfs. We are trying to take it back to the roots, put the fun back in it. The format of the BroDown was simple. Its started with about a 25 minute jam session with all the competitors, 3 judges, based on overall impression. Five paddlers were to be picked from the field for a 10 minute final jam session. Once a paddler flushes out of the hole, the next paddler could drop in. Other than that, no rules, anything goes. This is what makes the BroDown different from any other freestyle event. We aimed to make it just like going out and surfing with your friends, but at the same time with the chance to win some awesome prizes. Hence the name, The BroDown.

It ended up being a great time for everyone who came out. We had kayakers of every ability level in the eddy together, all with the chance to win something. We ended up with were some really awesome rides, some awesome tricks, some window shades, some good team surfs, and even a skirt pulling.

In the finals we ended up with six riders.

1. Bryan "Bagel" Hartman

2. Tony "Tony G" Gianfagna

3. Justin "McGeezer" McGiver

4. Elaine Campbell

5. Ciaran "Tiny Tim" Brown

6. Tom "Tommy 2Gunz" Mulligan

Best ride in the final jam would take home the Cash Prize and the Title of Being the first BroDown Champion.

Awards for the nite went as follows

Amateur (NRS Rodeo Float Bags provided by Mountain Man & SICBYRD T-Shirt)- Tommy 2Gunz

Dirty Old Man/Old School Award (RVR Apperal Old School T-shirt & B.O.B. Rafting Shirt)- Buddy Al

SICBYRD Make it Happen Award (Liquidlogic Speed Loader Bag provided by Mountain Man & SICBYRD T-shirt)- Winn Dixie

Raffle for ShredReady Standard (provided by Mountain Man)- Carly Koll


Best Trick (SICBYRD T-Shirt)- Ciaran

Best Combos (SICBYRD T-Shirt)- Bagel

Most Variety (SICBYRD T-Shirt)- Elaine Campbell

Most Consistent (SICBYRD T-Shirt)- McGiver

Overall BroDown Champ- Tony G

Thanks again to everyone who came out, see you next year!

Here is the shrEDIT from the BroDown

And here is the shrEDIT from Great Falls

Mid-Summer Update

First off, sorry for the lack of updates here on the blog. It's been a busy summer, but I am going to do my best not to let the blog go this long without an update again.


It's been one hell of a dry summer up here in New York. Definitely the driest I have seen since I started spending my summers on the Black River in Watertown, NY. It's been hard but the boys have been making it happen! Raft guiding has been keeping us pretty busy, but when the opportunity rises, the boys have been jumping on it. There have been a few trips to Canada, releases on the Raquette, and Black River Fest. Great Falls (Mill Street Falls) even ran a few times.


Black River Fest is like Christmas, but better. It's hot, there's no snow, more beer, a down river race, a floateo and a killer party! This was also the first festival that SICBYRD has attended, thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and picked up a t-shirt or some stickers. SICBYRD is a proud sponsor of the King Of New York Race Series. The Black Race is the first Race of the 2012 series. It was one hell of race. Just after the race the annual Floateo brought some entertainment and gave racers a chance to cool off before the party. This years party, Super Heroes and Villains, another one for the books. Can't wait for next year.

Dave G chasing the pack in the Black Race. Photo by Brian Murphy

Dave and Chris "Crash and Burn'em" Burnham doing a little couch surfing. Photo by Kenny

Great Falls on the Black River has been a bit of a life saver this summer. When the Black gets low, the power plant that controls this dam doesn't have enough water to use the river, allowing the falls to run naturally. It's the only available stout in NY when this kind of drought is going on. It's about a 15 foot slide, a quick scramble across the flats to an awesome 20 footer. shrEDIT coming soon, for now, enjoy the pictures.

SchmidtRunner entering Great Falls on the Black River, Dave and Dixie looking on.  Photo by Julie Vickery

Schmidt styling out the drop, and no, the bird was not Photoshopped in, he just wanted to get on the SICBYRD blog. Photo by Julie Vickery

Chris Morelli in the meat, with the bird styling the fly by! KUH-KAW! Photo by Julie Vickery.

Winn-Dixie on his first ever run of this blessing of a waterfall. Photo by Julie Vickery

Dave G whiffing the stroke on this freewheel attempt. Photo by Julie Vickery

The man, the myth, and the legend, Tom Vickery smooth and stylish as always. Photo by his wife.

Dam releases on the Raquette river have been the only opportunity for creeking this summer. It was a beautiful day on the Raquette with a great crew this past weekend. This time it was my turn this time and I provided some good entertainment and carnage for the crew. Luckily no swims, no broken paddles, all my teeth, and particle accelerator didn't particle accelerate the all the skin off my hands. Better luck next time. I love the Raquette.

I'll leave you with a shrEDIT from a trip to Quebec earlier this summer by Chris Morelli. Check it out.

shrEDIT: Chris Morelli on Green with the Shiva

This weeks shrEDIT comes to us from Chris Morelli and his recent trip to the classic Green River Narrows. Chris also picked up Pyranha's new Creek Boat here's what Chris had to say about his trip...

Chris Morelli checking in with an update here! I just headed back to the east coast from a winter of skiing in Utah. On the way home to New York, I decided to head to Asheville, to pick up my new Shiva and JED from Pyranha. I got the chance to take the Shiva out on the Green River Narrows that week, for two days. I love the green. This was my second trip to the river, last time being two summers ago. Anytime you have the chance to paddle the green, take it! It's such a beautiful place and paddling community.

My first thoughts of the Shiva was FAST FAST FAST! This boat holds a line, boofs EVERYTHING, and is super stable landing off of drops. This boat is exactly what I was hoping for. I am 6'1 160lbs. I was in a medium Burn, which is great for pin point accuracy and river running. The Shiva fills the gap for running harder, and bigger whitewater. This boat makes you feel like a rock star. The added volume of the medium Shiva floats and punches effortlessly through holes. The rocker on the boat also lets you turn on a dime and redirect to where you need to go. The biggest change going from a Burn to a Shiva you will notice is the edges, but the Shiva can still whip into micro eddies and make quick moves. The rounded bottom boofs great flat off of drops, as well as edge to edge boofing. Overall I have paddled it a half dozen days so far, and I already feel apart of the boat, and ready to push the limits even harder!

and the shrEDIT....

Chris Morelli Making it Happen on the GREEN!


A LOT has been happening here at SICBYRD, so we have been falling a little behind on the Blog and the shrEDITS. We had an great weekend, with an epic adventure on the seldom run West Branch of the Sacandaga, followed by an always fun high water run on the Bottom Moose. Toss a little bout with the flu in mid-week and finish with the first weekend of the raft season on the Black.

Tony G on the West Branch of the Sac. (Photo by Matt Young)

Mutt on the West Branch of the Sac. (Photo by Tony G, courtesy of Matt Young)

Dave at the Lip of Magilla, Bottom Moose. (Photo by Matt Young)

For more about this weekend check out The Northway, Matt Young's Blog.

In other news, SICBYRD is having a huge PRE-ORDER sale with free shipping. Regular $20.00 t-shirts are 25% off for only FIFTEEN BUCKS + FREE SHIPPING! Trucker Hats, regular $15.00 are only $10.00 with FREE SHIPPING! FREE SHIPPING on STICKERS today. Go ahead and click on over to our APPAREL section to check out the good or go right to our online store to check them out there. Shirts and Hats go to the printer next monday! MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I'll leave you with this weeks shrEDIT, part one of our Chile Trip Report: Todo Palguin

Demo Day on the Bottom Moose with the STOMPER

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to catch a ride with Ed and Sandy down to the Bottom Moose. The Bottom is one of my favorite runs, and this was my first run down the bottom since November. We had great weather and a great crew. It's always fun when you get to paddle with local legends such as the General and Buddy Al.

Thanks to Ed Moorhead I was able to try out Liquidlogic Kayak's new creek boat, the Stomper. This was my first time in the boat and I was pretty happy with it. The theme of the day for my paddling was 'do-over.' Some of my lines weren't as clean as I would have liked, so redemption was needed. Not the boats fault, my own for not paddling in a few weeks. There were a few drops that were hiked for a second lap and to clean up some of my lines. This boat boofs like a dream! It easily boofs over holes, and the subtle edges making it really smooth when boofing off rocks.  I was also quite happy with how well it punched holes and resurfaced. And you can't go wrong with the bad ass outfitting, super comfy! It was forgiving and has more hull speed then it's predecessor, the Jefe. The only problem I had was that I'm used to boats with much more defined edges. I'm sure though after a few more sessions in the Stomper and I would get used to it's edges. Overall, Liquidlogic killed it on this design, a pretty awesome creeking machine.

Check out the video of the Stomper in action, the first of our 'Weekly shrEDITs'

shrEDIT #1: Demo Day on the Bottom with the STOMPER from Dave G on Vimeo.


shrEDIT #1: Demo Day on the Bottom with the STOMPER from Dave G on Vimeo.


Finishing the 'scarry ferry' at Fowlersville.  Thanks to Scott Martin for the photo.

Knife's Edge, thanks to Brian Murphy for the photo.

Like I said, some of my lines needed some cleaning up. Thanks to Scott Martin for the photo.

It was an awesome day on the Moose, and we finished it off right with some food and beers at Slickers in Old Forge. Hope to make it back to the releases again this weekend. Thanks to the Hubers' for the ride, and the Kolls' for their hospitality.

Check out more of Scott's photos here.

Check out more of Brian's photos here.

P.S. Stickers will be in soon, and we hope to have T-shirts and hats by mid May!

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